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Recent updates

Motion Clip sizer Update 1.5
Added repair code for installer, updated Librosa Python Module to latest version. If you update one plugin, you need to update all plugins. Because some old cod...
2 files
Motion Clip sizer Update 1.4
Additional repair code added in installer. If anyone have issues installing the plugin...
2 files
Motion Clip Sizer 1.3 Update
Fixed issues that you cant login to the trial...
2 files
Motion Clip Sizer 1.2.1 Update
The trial version can now be downloaded. The regular version has only a small update that makes it compatible to to go from trial to regular. So if you own vers...
2 files
Motion Clip Sizer 1.2 Update
You can now dock the plugin...
1 file
Motion Clip Sizer 1.1 Update
In this update the Motion Clip Sizer will grab the clip under the time slider. Or the clip before the time slider...
1 file

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