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Recent updates

WebAPI 1.2.3
Security fixes...
2 files
WebAPI Update 1.2.2
Now include the latest PHPMailer 6.0.7 as mail config nr 6. To update replace the old PHP folder with the new one. Remember to backup your config file so you ca...
2 files
WebAPI 1.2.1 Update
Fixed a bug in "lost password" mail section. Added mail configuration 4 and 5 that use the latest PHPMailer 6.0.5...
2 files
WebAPI Bugfix update 1.2.0
In this update we have added a public table. You can only add and change the table with the phpadmin page. But the data itself can be loaded by anyone. This is...
2 files
WebAPI Bugfix update 1.1.8
Added "get user list" Bugfixes...
2 files
WebAPI Bugfix update 1.1.7
Fixed small bug when using the new feature save variables. Added mail settings nr (3) for older webservers that don't use username and password for the mail sys...
2 files
WebAPI Bugfix update
Fixed bug with the new global var save script...
2 files
WebAPI Global counter variables
Global variable save/load. Can be used to save attempts and win counters for games. If a player try a level you can count up a value +1. When a player win a lev...
2 files

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