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Recent updates

Super Bone Editor 2.1 Update
Fixed a bug where the plugin make iclone 8 not to start...
2 files
Super Bone Editor 2.0 Update
Super Bone Editor 2.0 now works in the latest iclone 8 (from 8.02). Please report bugs or if you run into issues installing the plugin...
2 files
Super Bone Editor 1.9 Update
Fix Windows Update bug in Numpy...
2 files
Super Bone Editor 1.8 Update
Added repair code for installer, updated Librosa Python Module to latest version. If you update one plugin, you need to update all plugins. Because some old cod...
2 files
Super Bone Editor 1.7 Update
This update add some repair code. Sometimes when you update iClone it may remove parts of Python modules...
2 files
Super Bone Editor 1.6 Update
Fixed crash bug when just open the plugin and change timeline Re-arrange buttons to make the plugin a bit less wide Remember save and load group folders...
2 files
Super Bone Editor 1.5 Update
Added auto re-load default bone values. This will allow you to change bone rotations and then mover the time mark (frame) and it will automatically re-load the...
2 files
Super Bone Editor 1.4 Update
Bigger bone window. Save and load groups. Fixed bug that cause keys to be added in the wrong time. When update. Make sure to run iClone in administrator mode th...
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