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GMnet 015 Update
Fixed platform reference for the extensions. Minor bugfix...
1 file
Gmnet update 014
Bugfix when using other network assets...
1 file
Gmnet update 013
Include a small bugfix to fix hash errors...
1 file
GMnet 012 Update
GMnet now support steam invites. Steam invites is powered by YellowAfterLife steamworks...
1 file
GMnet 011 Update
Minor memory leaks in the chat is fixed...
1 file
GMnet 010 Update
Minor bugfixes...
1 file
GMnet 009 Update
Fixed small memory leak: obj_htme_rpc Destroy event /// Clean if ds_exists(self.returnedValues,ds_type_map) ds_map_destroy(self.returnedValues); htme_clean_conn...
1 file
On bitbucket
You can now follow the development on Bitbucket:
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