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Move that camera plugin for iClone7-8

 This plugin require iClone 7.5 or above. Or iClone 8.02 or above.

How to use it:
To use it select a camera or prop. Click "Load selected camera". Click "Test move".  You can now rotate and move the camera with the mouse and WASD. You can also re-map the controls to joysticks.

When you click a button for the first time. A black window will show. Wait until it close and click ok on the message that is shown. When you click a button make sure you follow the instructions the plugin give you. First it will do a quick calibration. Then you will be asked to click the mouse button once. Then it is ready to receive input. You can record your movement and then apply it from a start frame to a end frame that you set.

After downloading the plugin follow the below instructions to install it.
Or follow the How to install my iClone plugins video

Make sure you are connected too the internet and right click the exe and "run as admin".
Install the plugin in your open plugin folder in iClone.
ex: "C:\Program Files\Reallusion\iClone 7\Bin64\OpenPlugin"
(If the "OpenPlugin" is missing just create a new folder with the name "OpenPlugin")
(If you update just replace all old files)

After it is installed run iClone7 in administrator mode. Python modules will be automatically installed on the first run.
The plugin should then show up in the plugin meny in The-any-Key.

If it don't show up. Try exit iClone and wait for 30 seconds to make sure it is completely closed. Start iClone in admin mode again and let Python install additional modules.

If the plugin still don't show up in non-admin mode. Follow the Python permission video.
If the plugin still don't show up in the menu try follow the Python Path video.

Install video:

If the plugin don't show up in the menu try this:

If the plugin still don't show up in the menu try this:

Trial version:
If this is the trial version you need to login to your trial account. 
If you dont have a trial account enter an email in the dialog that appear when you try start the plugin. Enter a password you want and click register. 
Go to your email inbox and click the activation link in it. 
Go back to iclone and click the login button in the trial dialog. 
Start the plugin via the plugin menu in iclone.

Get started videos and tutorials to use this plugin:

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Buy Now$27.00 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $27 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MoveThatCamera_1_4.exe 267 kB
MoveThatCamera_1_5.exe 3 MB
MoveThatCamera_1_6.exe 3 MB
MoveThatCamera_1_7.exe 38 MB
MoveThatCamera_1_8.exe 40 MB
MoveThatCamera_1_9.exe 85 MB
MoveThatCamera_2_0.exe 276 MB
MoveThatCamera_2_1.exe 276 MB
MoveThatCamera_2_2.zip 278 MB

Download demo

MoveThatCamera_1_4_Trial.exe 268 kB
MoveThatCamera_1_5_Trial.exe 3 MB
MoveThatCamera_1_6_Trial.exe 3 MB
MoveThatCamera_1_7_Trial.exe 38 MB
MoveThatCamera_1_8_Trial.exe 40 MB
MoveThatCamera_1_9_Trial.exe 85 MB
MoveThatCamera_2_0_Trial.exe 276 MB
MoveThatCamera_2_1_Trial.exe 276 MB
MoveThatCamera_2_2_Trial.zip 278 MB

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